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Hello deviant art users, call me Lofty. I live in New Zealand, a beautiful country in the southern hemisphere with stunning blue flag beaches, breathtaking mountain and forest walks, and some pretty cool people too.

Creatively I paint, draw, and take photographs. Recently I started teaching myself how to make digital art. I am using PaintTool SAI to draw outlines on my laptop touchpad and Photoshop CS4 for everything else. I still mostly prefer to use paper and pencil to sketch my ideas although I have started drawing some up with PaintTool SAI right from scratch lately. I use my cellphone camera to collect ideas for things to draw, and also to collect stock for digital manips which I also recently started exploring.

If I have uploaded something I drew here it was either drawn for someone as a gift, uploaded so stock suppliers could see how I used their work, or it is rough outlines/clipart style images that may be used by others. Please do not take art unless it says stock on the picture or album.


Paloma Beerfest
For those who may be unfamiliar with her (I know I haven't been posting art of her the way I used to,) Paloma is a 40-year-old polar bear anthro MILF, freshly divorced and living in the small (fictitious) town of Cozy Den, Alaska with her partner. She mostly telecommutes for work, and loves being domestic and working on various home improvement projects. She is a practicing nudist when she can get away with it, and has two children away at college.

- - -

Paloma belongs to a nudist community in her (fictional) hometown of Cozy Den, Alaska, and they decided to throw a 'beerfest' party at the end of summer for one last blow out as, being in Alaska, most wouldn't get much more opportunity for nudity outdoors too much longer before the real cold weather sets in.  So it was set up in one of the neighbor's large fenced-in yards and Paloma volunteered to be one of the servers in costume to give it a vague 'oktoberfest' kind of vibe.  She didn't mind being one of the few people there dressed up as she loved the outfit she had been able to put together for it and had wanted to cosplay an Oktoberfest girl since she was in her teens.

It was a very casual affair, and as the hours wore by, Paloma got quite sloshed herself.  When her SO showed finally showed up as things were beginning to wind down, she invited him over to the barrels in their host's inside bar for a 'very special' brew she had just for him.  She poured them two beers, and making sure no one was looking, yanked down her top and poured the beer over her big juddering breasts.  She invited him to guzzle as much as he wanted, and they quickly found themselves in the house' pantry--the closest room with a lockable door--and he drank his fill, among other things.

They rejoined the others later to many little snickers and rolling eyes--everyone was well aware of what they were up to, and were happy to let them have their fun.  Paloma went back to serving, but kept her top down now,, just to tease her SO for the rest of the night.

- - -

Ink and colored pencil, 2015.  I did this while recovering from a chest biopsy, and the painkillers they had me on were making me a bit loopy, so I made a LOT of mistakes with this one I had to go back and correct digitally.  One of the main reasons this one won't be going on auction like most of my other natural media artworks.  But anyway, I thought the idea behind it was still a fun one.

I will eventually create an adult erotica ebook series around Paloma and her friends.  I hope to start the first of them--of course entitled PALOMA'S HOUSE--sometime next year.  Is that something you guys would be interested in?

- - -

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